Garden design and landscaping Chalfont St Peter. The client had spent the last few years adding to an existing garden, much to their disappointment once they’d completed their project; They found themselves in Sky House Design Centre looking at furniture and new glass doors for another project and stumbled upon Decorum.London.

The client was impressed by other similar projects they had already completed. Having had the concept design costs explained and having seen many other such presentations they were rather shocked… “You get all of this for that £££” they signed up almost immediately.

Site Survey

We carried out the site survey within a few days. From there within a short space of time we put together and presented the garden design concepts. The client promptly signed these off and the materials palettes were also agreed as was the planting plan and irrigation.

Side access through a neighbours garden and some distance to carry all of the excavated garden and new materials in… some 14 tonnes in all

A staggered paving scheme with Soleirolia Soleirolii infilling the gaps, natural boulders and the addition of lighting. Also a central gravelled seating area surrounding an illuminated fire basket and planted with a mixture of hardy herbs.

The Planting Plan

Buxus Sempiverins reused from the previous scheme as was the Hydrangea Macrophylla. We used Betula utilis var to form the structure. Jacquemontii ‘Snow Queen’, Magnolia stellate and Amelanchier Canadensis… The Acer palmatum Dissectum Viride adding colour and contrast. A sensible covering of hardy herbs, Agapanthus (Dr. Brouwer), Polystichum and Tiarella area slo client favourites.

We painted the existing fence black using Owatrol fence paint and over planted with a framed hedge of Eleagnus…

We completed this project on time and exactly as planned. That’s 10 working days from start to finish.

Karl said “This garden is lovely and I can’t wait to see it at the end of Spring for photos of the planting in full show”


How we can help you?

We adapt to the needs of every client, fluent in a combination of traditional techniques ensuring the hard landscaping works in harmony with the soft planting, garden art and style in your garden.

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