Prime oak 78mm width hardwood cladding with stainless fixings through the surface was specified by Nicolas Tye Architects… the Construction Project Consultant from CL-PM chose Exterior Solutions Ltd to supply the Oak cladding with Decorum.London to offer consultation, technical support and full installation of the exterior and also the interior…

Project Overview

Sweeping lines, critical corners and expert installation was essential to keep the management from CL-PM onboard with our installation. 8mm open joist between the horizontal and also the same 8mm at the open vertical corners. Predrilled holes and a keen eye to follow the laser which determined the accuracy of this onsite installation. Oak can be a wirey character at the best of times so this cladding install meant a constant eye on detail was required.

The insulated facard was handed over to Decorum.London where they wrapped the building in black Tyvek and fixed the battens over the surface… then another wrapping over the battens to prevent the colour coming through the gaps in the finished oak cladding.

The cost of the full insulation was calculated in meticulous detail and present to the PQS for evaluation. 12.82 linear metres per sq. m. then consider the upwards of 600 sq. m, pairs of countersunk screws every 500mm centres went into the thousands. Measuring and cutting each piece of timber was calculated with a nominal 20 seconds or so for countersinking each hole then holding into position prior to fixings… a few seconds allowance for each element soon permutated to more than 30,000 fixings and few months later…

Fire Rated Cladding

The adjacent building was within a few metres which required us to apply a fire rating to EuroClass B; this was factory applied by Exterior Solutions for us. Timely and efficiently meant the works variation didn’t delay the project. Furthermore, the fire rating was applied in a clear format and didn’t affect the timber weathering to look like the rest of the building.

The timber for the interior was kept indoors to acclimatise and prior to installation the moisture of the oak cladding was checked and compared to the area of installation to sign off the same moisture content… the accuracy of the installation was the same as the exterior; it even lined up through the glass in the open corridors… the secret doors, the corners and many details… we very much enjoyed this project.

Decorum.London Ltd are often asked to consult on many timber projects, they design exterior spaces and offer a professional landscaping service to commercial and domestic clients. Their showroom is in Sky House Design Centre and have an impressive portfolio of works.

Credits and Further information

Architect         Nicolas Tye Architects

Client               Private

Location          Berkhamsted

Material          Prime Oak Cladding

Supplier           Exterior Solutions Ltd

Installer           Decorum.London Ltd

Completed      2019


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