Decking installation

Professional Decking Design and Installation

We are fluent in decking materials and can advise on the best choice for your intended use.

Decking for your garden is normally the most efficient construction method to create a terrace. It can be much quicker to install and can be designed to compensate for massive slopes and changes in elevation.

Whilst there are many natural timbers and also composite decking products available there are products to suit all budgets. What’s more, our engineering design capabilities are for both domestic and commercial decking installations alike.

Our dedicated team provide decking design and installation to the Greater London area as well as the Home Counties, including Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and further.

Decking Colour & Texture

Ultimately the choice is between you, the client, and the designer.

The colour of your decking terrace can be whatever works within your garden design scheme. Timber can be left to weather to silver grey, stained or oiled to maintain the colour or be painted in almost any RAL colour. Painted decking options tend to be some of the most convenient. They are more affordable than many other options and the colour can be changed as and when the client decides.

We advise the texture of the decking surface, in the main, should be kept to a smooth surface. It’s many years since grooved decking was in vogue, it certainly wasn’t anti slip and added considerably to any maintenance. Some composites have varying surfaces from smooth to textured to replicated aged wooden decking. But, ultimately the choice is between you, the client, and the designer.

Deck being installed in a garden
Screw-less decking being installed

Decking Design

We are well versed in all construction types.

The shape and the style of your decking may be governed by the existing architecture of your garden or space. But do not fear, our team can can help guide and advise you what would be best. Due to the flexibility of where a decking platform can be situated, it can be rectilinear in shape or indeed curved. Simple decking structures are usually specified with a timber frame, some in aluminium or plastic. Larger commercial projects with cantilevers are normally in structural steel.

Whilst you can use timber posts to form the structural support for the decking frame, they do have a finite life. We do, however, offer options in steel and plastic which last forever.

A balustrade is not always essential for all decking projects, if the platform is over 900mm then a balustrade has to be used. There are regulations for how these are designed and minimum performance limits for their use. There are many choices for materials, timber, glass, steel… they can all be considered as part of your design. They do have to be considered during the primary design and must not be added as an afterthought. Your decking platform should be designed with the balustrade in mind from the get go.

Qualified Decking Installers

We carry Professional Indemnity insurance for decking design

As professionals that have been designing decking structures since 2003, we have an up to date understanding of current practices in accordance with EC5. (These are the current European Code 5 regulations for timber construction for use in the UK)

The EC5 guides are promulgated by TRADA (Timber Research and Development Association). They refer to correct spans for decking structures to include the difference between hardwood and softwood, commercial and domestic, deck, joist and more.

As a specialist decking company, we carry Professional Indemnity insurance for decking design. This insurance is specifically for this and only available to suitably qualified people like us.

Raised deck being installed in a garden

How we can help you?

We adapt to the needs of every client, fluent in a combination of traditional techniques ensuring the hard landscaping works in harmony with the soft planting, garden art and style in your garden.

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